When applying for the Suvanto® service, our experts evaluate the amount and the type of sensor units a house needs. These unobtrusive sensor units create a protected wireless network sending information automatically to the gateway (2).

The raw sensor data is sent securely to our Suvanto servers to be analyzed in real time. The gateway has been developed so that it is possible to integrate other 3rd party devices to the system. This allows various remote data sending between caregivers/relative through the Suvanto® system.

The main server processes all information from our Suvanto environment and creates personalized but anonymous behavior patterns of each user. By comparing current data to the patterns, the program is able to identify need for alarms, based also on user set rules for each person.

An easy to carry tracking solution. For example. Locational tracking can be activated automatically if a person leaves the apartment also triggering an alarm. This also allows for sending of alarm if the device has been left home. The tracking device is created for outside locational tracking and includes automatic fall detection as well as 2-way communication functionality in case of emergency.

The alarms can be processed around the clock by an emergency call center to make sure there is always someone to respond. This can be done for example in a case where a caregiver or relative has been unable to respond to an alarm. To same extent, pre-processing of the alarms can be done by the emergency call center to reduce unnecessary alarms.

The alarms made by Suvanto® system can be directed to specific people/caregivers through integrations with the companies existing ERPs. All additional information can be directed to the companies own systems.

With Suvanto® mobile it's easy to follow the overall situation of the person in real time. The alarms can be directed to a specific caregiver/relative making it easy for others in the same group to follow who is dealing with which alarm/person.

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