Intelles Informatica develops embedded sensor-network solutions for elderly care.

Suvanto® is an unobtrusive system automatically learning and detecting changes in the environment. The service can be installed into virtually any location and has no prerequisites to getting the system up and running. The system requires only one power socket where the gateway is installed, the rest of the units are battery powered and wireless.

Suvanto® Care

Suvanto® Care is an administration and management platform for Suvanto® systems. Individual notifications, alarms and system specific rules can be accessed through the platform. The alarms and situational information can also be integrated to an existing ERP or emergency call system. All or parts of the complete Suvanto® system can be added to Suvanto® Care.

Suvanto® Home

The wireless sensor units observe the person's activity and daily routines as well as room condition changes. The system automatically detects deviations in daily & sleep routines, in normal behavior and alarms to a caregiver or relative if needed. The real time situation can also be observed through the Suvanto® mobile application. The system takes care of it self and works also during power outages.

Suvanto® OnTheGo

Suvanto® OnTheGo works in all areas with regular cellular network, including 2-way communication functionalities and automatic fall detection feature. The battery life goes up to 2 weeks with one charge and alarms on low battery. The management of the device is also part of the Suvanto® mobile application.